Thursday, August 30, 2007

Nobody is there!

This house is in front of the Trujillo main square, it's an old colononial house, maybe it was very important any time ago. The doors are closed, there is nothing inside, only some bricks can be seen by the windows. I don't know who is the ownerbut I think it's necessary that sombody takes care of it.
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Esta casona se encuentra en frente de la Plaza MAyor de Trujillo, es una casona colonial antigua y probablemente ha sido muy importante algún tiempo atrás. Las puertas están tapiadas y algunos ladrillos se pueden ver a través de las ventanas. No sé a quién pertenece pero creo que es necesario que alguien vea por ella.

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photowannabe said...

How sad when a house doesn't have any love.
Nice composition Giuce.

Annie said...

Yes, I like your choice of words. It is necessary for someone to care for this very attractive place.

Olivier said...

c'est une belle maison. c'est une sculpture qu'il y a à côté de la porte ?

it is a beautiful house. it is a sculpture which there is beside the door?

joy said...

Nice photo. I am wondering how it would look in black and white. By the way, I was checking out the links of the Daily Photo on your site. Por favor - donde esta mi website? No esta en la lista. Lo siento - mi espanol es oxidado. Gracias!

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