Friday, January 19, 2007

Musical place

This old colonial house is a bar, here you can listen some local bands. Sometimes, these bands play music of several famous groups... Today: Iron Maden.

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photowannabe said...

The colonial building and the Iron Maiden seem like two cultures that don't exactly mix. Nice shot.

Dsole said...

jajajaja,, that's a really sympa photo!
El balcón parece un confesionario!
Did you join the concert?

Olivier said...

tres bonne photo, vieille maison et concert de Hard Rock, cela fait bizarre ;o)

very good photograph, old house and concert of Hard Rock'n'roll, that made odd; O)

Anonymous said...

That's really cool, I love Iron Maiden and that kind of bars. Where is this one located?

Vi a Maiden en el '08 y en el '09 en Mexico, D.F.(donde vivo) estuvo muy bueno