Wednesday, January 10, 2007


If you want to cook you need gas, this blue object contiens it, you call a gas service and a person take it to your home, one of this is sold for 10 dollars... Peru exports gas, but most of peruvians use it in a old way.

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Olivier said...

cela me rappelle dans le village où mes grands parents habitaient, la cuisiniere marchait (et marche toujours) au gaz et on allait chercher les bouteilles de gaz dans un vieux landau. souvenir souvenir

that recalls me in the village where my grand parents lived, the cooker went (and always goes) to gas and one was going to seek the gas bottles in an old pram. to remember to remember

Ackworth Born said...

We used to have a fire that used similar gas bottles and caravanners still use them a lot.
Hope he's not going to carry it on his motorbike though!

Dsole said...

Here, there are too many old buildings with this system too... we have this classic "huge bottles" orange (the newest are like aluminium)... so orange, that now there is a kind of orange called "naranja butano" jejeje ;)

PD Gracias por tus comentarios sobre el texto de Ángel González... a mi me también me pareció espeluznantemente tierno, (creo que esa es la mejor definición) Pero no sé porque se fue.. :)

Meg in Nelson said...

We cook with electricity, but the barbecue uses gas, and we buy these tanks once and then get them refilled at the gas station. So this is a familiar sight!