Thursday, January 04, 2007

Magdalena de Cao

Sea urchins, seaweeds, fishes and gulls are the main habitants of the beach of "Magdalena de Cao" (45 min from Trujillo). Some fishers come to here, they protect this place because is a quiet place.

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Anonymous said...

un oursin, c'est delicieux, j'adore ça.
j'aime beaucoup la photo avec le pecheur d'oursin.

a sea urchin, they is delicious, I adore that. I like much the photograph with the fisherman of sea urchin.

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful to me. I'm delighted these creatures are protected from man by man.

Lavender Lady said...

So fragile, yet..ferious. I'm so glad they protect it.

Dsole said...

LOL, this beach is called like me! :)
Nice photo with this fisherman, so calm.

Anonymous said...

I love the fisherman shot. Very tranquil.

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Anonymous said...

That sea urchin is pretty big and healthy. Of course he didn't catch it with his feet or net! Did you know that you can eat that, I have tasted it but I don't like it at all, and on top of that they are a little bit expensive. I also think this place is gorgeous, my kind of place, a panoramic view of an immense ocean and a desertic coast. Great combination.