Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Do you remember the fishermen from Magdalena de Cao? well, this was one fish of that day, it was prepared in "Sudado" . Some of rice, camote and yucas are welcome for this dish.
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Recuerdan a los pescadores de Magdalena de Cao? pues bien, este es un pez de aquel día y fue preparado en "Sudado". Algo de arroz, camote y yucas siempre es bienvenido para este plato.

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Olivier said...

belle prise, qui finit sa vie dans une bonne recette.

beautiful catch, which finishes its life in a good receipt

Anonymous said...

Well, the fish would have preferred the sea and not your stomach. But that's the way life goes. We eat and are eaten. Nice photo but poor fish.

DaveM said...

Looks good..... but does the fish have lots of small bones? As much as I love to eat fish I dont have the patience to eat them when there are lots of bones.

photowannabe said...

Looks like an inviting meal. nice picture of it to Giuce.

Steve Buser said...

Looks like my kind of meal.
--steve buser
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