Monday, October 08, 2007

Cusco in Trujillo

Artisans from Cusco have come to Trujillo for selling many and different kind of products, many of them live in Pisac. These objects are very valious for the originality and specially they're made by their own hands, in an ancestral tradition.

Artesanos de Cusco vinieron a Trujillo para ofrecer diversos productos, muchos de ellos viven en Pisac. Estos artículos son muy valiosos no sólo por su originalidad sino también porque están hechos por sus propias manos, a la manera tradicional.

3 comentarios:

Lavenderlady said...

As someone who truly apprecciates fabric artists the world over, I would love to come, see, and touch their beautiful work.

Olivier said...

ces habits sont magnifiques, un patchwork de couleurs.

These clothes are beautiful, a patchwork of colors.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Those are beautiful colors!