Tuesday, October 30, 2007

food no so fast

Sometimes you can find some fruit seller on the corners, they offer cheap and fresh fruit, you just open the door and the fruit cycle is there. And, if you ask me what is "Chifa", well it woulld be another post :) ...Chifa is the Chinesse food in peruavian way, really delicious!
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A veces se puede encontrar a vendedores de frutas en las esquinas ofreciendo fruta fresca y barata, tú sólo abres y allí está el triciclo de fruta. Y, si me preguntan que es un "Chifa", bueno eso sería otro post :) ...Chifa es la comida china a la manera peruana, realmente muy bueno!

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Olivier said...

cela doit être agréable de trouver des marchands de fruits au coin d'une rue. A Évry, a part quand c'est le marché il faut aller dans les grands magasins, moins humains

It must be fun to find merchants of fruit on a street corner. A Evry, a part when it is the market we need to go into department stores, less human

Annie said...

Here we have Chinese food in the U.S. way but I don't think there is a particular name for it. I'll have to ask about that, Giuce.

photowannabe said...

That is a very ingenious cart built around a bicycle. How nice to have the fruit come right to the door.