Sunday, September 09, 2007

Chan Chan #1

Today I visited Chan Chan, many years later, it was an interesting visit. :)
Chan Chan was the capital of the Chimu kingdom, it's the largest Pre-Columbian city in South America, this archaeological site located to 5 Km west of Trujillo. The walls themselves were constructed of adobe brick, and were then covered with a smooth surface into which intricate designs were carved. You can only visit one of ten walled citadels which composed this magic city.

Hoy fui a Chan Chan muchos años después, fue una interesante visita :)
Chan Chan fue la capital del reino Chimú, es la ciudad precolombina más grande de Latinoamérica, este sitio arqueológico está a 5Km al oeste de la ciudad de Trujillo. Las paredes, en su totalidad, están construidas de adobe que luego fuera recubierto con ligeras capas de barro formando diversas tramas y diseños. Sólo puedes visitar uno de las diez ciudadelas que componen esta mágica ciudad.

4 comentarios:

Annie said...

Is the city covered by a glass dome? Or is that simply a model of Chan Chan.

GiuCe said...

it's a model ^^

DaveM said...

I have never heard of this place before now. I will have to Google it. Thanks.

photowannabe said...

I never heard of it either. Now I have to do some homework too.
Very interesting and so ancient.