Saturday, July 14, 2007


...tired and bored to wait for.

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DaveM said...

Is someone going to appear on the balcony?
The girl in the last post, was it originally a sacrifical role?

Susan said...

I like this shot. Nice old window.
You seem to have a lot of traditions and festivities in Peru. Machu Picchu looks so good in your July 8th post. One day I may travel to see it with my own eyes. Through the lens of my camera of course!

Dsole said...

Parece una postal GiuCe!
Enhorabuena por el títuloq ue le dieron al MachuPichu, aunque no le hacía falta verdad? Debe ser un lugar magnífico... ya vi las fotos de tu viaje en el otro blog. Increíble.

Kate said...

I like it because it has an air of mystery to it. Why is the door ajar? Is someone coing or going? Leaves much to the imagination!

Olivier said...

encore une superbe fenetre, comme Kate, elle a quelque chose de mysterieuse cette fenetre

still a superb window, like Kate, it has something of mysterious this window