Thursday, June 28, 2007

Moche Ceramics

If you go to Moche (15 minutes from Trujillo City), you'll see peolpe sell ceramics and little artcraft, some of these ceramics is own of moche style, almost identical to ceramic found in "Huaca de la Luna". My prefer is this duck, "warrior duck"!, the original ceramic was found in the tumb of importat people.

3 comentarios:

Anonymous said...

Nice photograph of people trying to earn a living.

It must be hard.

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Olivier said...

belle sculpture, mais ils ont pas l'air content les canards ;o). je te souhaite un bon weekend

beautiful sculpture, but they do not have the content air the ducks ;O). I wish you a good weekend

Meg in Nelson said...

These ducks remind me of a cartoon character, but I just can't remember which!