Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Roots without roots

I don't know why people cut trees... I got sad when I saw this root from an old tree, a tree was almost 400 years old, maybe it was sick, I don't know, but in I've seen many cutted trees in last days.
Trees can be save the life someday... now, they do it but we can see it all the time.

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Olivier said...

elle est tres belle et tres grosse cette racine. impressionnante

it is very beautiful and very gross this root. impressive

Rudy said...

I did not know what this thing was when I looked the thumbnail in the CDPB. I had to come a see it.

It is sad that in our countries, which are the still the lungs of the planet, people cut down trees to use them as fuel. I even posted a photo last year that shows the trees completely chopped into log pieces which are called leña in Guatemala. I leave you the link below.

Mountainboy said...

That is an impressive root!
I hope someone planted a few new trees to make up for the loss of that old thing.

Annie said...

Why was it just left there, I wonder. It looks like it could still serve some wonderful purpose. It is magnificent.

Kate said...

The death of a tree is always sad. In my town in MN homeowners often hire a wood carver to try to make something permanent after the tree, often diseased, is cut down. Check this out as an example

Abraham Lincoln said...

Trees should be replaced with at least two smaller ones. That is my motto. I have done that here in Ohio where I live. One of those is now about 30 years old and produces nuts or acorns the animals eat. It is a white oak tree that came from a seed that fell on the ground at the old country school I had attended as a boy during World War II.

I liked your photograph.