Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pineaple Land

Poroto is a district of Trujillo, it's very popular for its pineaple production since 30 years ago, there are almost 400 pineaple farmers in a town of 3000 people.

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susan said...

Very interesting to see. So it's just one pineapple per plant? I never thought about where pineapples come from, but now I know. :)

Olivier said...

ce champs est impressionnant. je ne connaissais pas la traduction d'"Ananas", ils sont beaux.
Je te souhaite un bon weekend

this fields is impressive. I did not know the translation of “Pineapple”, they are beautiful. I wish you a good weekend

Annie said...

Once I had pineapple fresh from the field and it was so delicious. It was nothing like the canned pineapple I'd grown up eating.

DaveM said...

Hi, enjoyed looking at your pictures. I picked up the link via Annies blog...Littlerock daily photo. Will call in again. Thanks.