Monday, February 12, 2007

Fruit on the road

When you left Trujillo and go to east, you will find some houses which offers fresh fruit and sodas... In summer, it's good to find them.

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Olivier said...

il y en a en France, surtout dans le sud, sud-ouest, et c'est agreable de s'arreter et de manger ces fruits qui viennent directement de producteur du village.

there is in France, especially in the south, south-west, and it is pleasant to stop and eat these fruits which come directly from producer of the village.

Dsole said...

In Spain too.
there is nothing better than a fresh piece of fruit to fight against a hot summer day!

Poly said...

In Mexico it is similar, there are in all roads from Juarez City, to Chetumal City. They sell honey, liquors, fruits, and handcraft.



Rudy said...

Ditto for Guatemala. As a matter of fact just yesterday I posted a very similar photo. Come and take a look at our tropical fruit stand.

P.S. I just browsed through two months worth of your pictures, and let me tell you... you are doing a wonderful job at showing us Trujillo and Perú. (Much better than Valery :-) jejeje )