Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I like beetle cars!. In Peru, this kind od car is very common, it's shaper than others. However, some people forget thier cars at garages and prefer a new and modern car. You can buy one of this for just $2.000 dollars, of course, if the car is in good shape.
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Me encantan los beetles!. En Perú, este tipo de autos es muy común, es uno de los más baratos. Sin embargo, algunas personas dejan sus autos en las cocheras y prefieren uno nuevo y mordeno. Puedes comprar uno de ellos por sólo $2000 dólares, por supuesto, si el auto está en buen estado.

2 comentarios:

Jacob said...

I had one of those ... I think it was a 1960 model. But it had no heat. That just didn't work too well living in Illinois...so we got rid of it.

Still see a few of them on the roads around Florida.

Anonymous said...

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