Tuesday, July 01, 2008

July 2008 Theme Day: "No . . ."

"No" for sale... it's common to read a note at some house "for sale", but in this case it's different. I guess too much people ask to the owner for the house, and he was tired of hearing the same question and wrote his reply to all.

Theme day is "No...", some DP bloggers posted interesting pics about NO, let's enjoy theses posts, ... Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

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Kim said...

This is a fantastic find! I love it. It's too bad the lovely gate has been tagged. The place looks pretty charming. Do foreign tourists have much interest in purchasing places there? I was thinking obnoxious people were making a lot of inquiries, or perhaps realtors.
Happy theme day.
Seattle Daily Photo

USelaine said...

Well, I hope the owner has peace and quiet now. Great choice for theme day.

brian said...

very funny! nice choice for the theme... maybe from it's location, there are businesses or investors that want to buy it and turn it into a store?

angie said...

good one! I saw the same sign on a building in oaxaca mexico last year

mirage2g said...

Lol, now everybody gets the message!

Neva said...

A very good theme day choice!