Monday, May 26, 2008


Some kids still play with a trompo (a Trompo is a toy popular in Latin America much like a top), at the city kids prefers another kind of toys but it's good to see a Trompo Championships in the streets.
This boy is from Santa Rosa - Laredo, contry side of Trujillo.
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Algunos chicos aún juegan con trompos, en la ciudad prefieren otro tipo de juguetes pero siempre es bueno ver una competencia en las calles.
Este niño es de la Campiña de Laredo, el lado rural de Trujillo

3 comentarios:

Anonymous said...

He can sure make it spin forever. Nice shot.

Julie said...

It is an attractive looking top! How on earth does it spin in the dust and on the uneven ground?

mirage2g said...

I remember this to so well, it is every boys pride to learn to spin it, in the Philippines we call it Turumpo, obviousl Spanish origin but has changed through the years in pronunciation.