Sunday, November 05, 2006

at school

Today, I was at "Poroto" (a district of Trujillo) for working reasons and we visit a school (the only one there).

We found kids playing, some of them danced for festival of peruvian floklore. This girl is wearing a tiplic cloth from Ancash (a state from peruvian highland), her school is poor but people works for improving all the time.

4 comentarios:

Meg Nakagawa said...

Oh, lovely textile!

Anonymous said...

ohhh...I dont know why but this photo is very touchy to me. This dress, the hat, her hair...and she is watching the children in the distance...I guess she wanna join to play. So different and so familiar at the same time.

jazzy said...

lovely lovely cloths the girl is wearing.

great photo.

Carlos said...

I like Peruvian traditional clothes. This girl with that dress and Poncho? looking in the distance makes a good picture.