Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Minchanzaman is a dancing group of the "Universidad Nacional de Trujillo", today is the aniversary of this institution, they celebrated dancing the most representative peruvian dances. Minchanzaman is 32 years old.

On the first pic, people is playing "cajon peruano" and "caja" (something like boxes), percussion from afroperuvian that is part of our history. Second pic, people is dancing marinera. A bonus video too... thanxs to the suggestion of Olivier :o)

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Annie said...

Hi GiuCe, I feel like dancing as I see these photos today.

Olivier said...

j'aime beaucoup la deuxieme photo, cette danse et les costumes. il ne manque qu'une petite video ;o)

I like much the second photograph, this dance and the costumes. it misses only one small video ;O)

Anonymous said...

Wow. To dance like that and smile at the same time is something I would not be able to do. I admire those you photographed who actually make this look like they are having a great deal of fun.

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Kate said...

This reminds me of some of the folks dances that entranced me in México last winter. Love it!

Olivier said...

superbe la vidéo, j'aime beaucoup cette cession rythmique. Si j'osais, je demanderais bien une petite avec les danseuses ;o)

superb it video, I like much this rhythmic transfer. If I dared, I would ask well small with the dancers ;O)

Olivier said...

Merci pour ce deuxieme bonus video ;o)